Ohio University and Kyiv-Mohyla Academy Project

Duration of the Project: Fall 2004 - Summer 2007.

Concept: The objective of this project has been to strengthen educational and intercultural ties between the U.S. and Ukraine that will help to support a free and independent media in Ukraine.

The approach was to build an ongoing relationship between Ohio University in Athens and the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (NaUKMA) for purposes of improving the quality of professional training in the art and practice of documentary and multimedia production among faculty, students and working media professionals of Ukraine.

Five new courses were developed as part of the Journalism Master’s Program at NaUKMA. NaUKMA faculty members collected materials and observed such courses being taught in the School of Telecommunications in Ohio. Ohio University faculty then worked alongside NaUKMA faculty in Kyiv as each of these courses were put into practice. Ohio faculty also provided assistance when NaUKMA faculty members and their students offered summer workshops to disseminate documentary and multimedia production skills to media professionals in Ukraine.

Project Results: Faculty members were exchanged in both directions. The curriculum development process led to the creation of five new courses in the Journalism Master’s Program at the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy:

Course No.1: Pre-production Planning, Writing and Budgeting
Course No.2: Production, Post-production and Editing
Course No.3: Documentary Production
Course No.4: Multimedia Production
Course No.5: International Media Systems

Weeklong workshops were conducted each summer for working professionals in Kyiv and several outlying cities. These workshops focused on incorporating advanced television skills into newsgathering, news distribution and documentary projects.

Participants: Ohio University is a state-assisted institution of higher learning located in Athens Ohio USA. The University’s College of Communication consists of five Schools: Communications Studies, Communications Systems Management, Journalism, Telecommunications and Visual Communications, and a joint program in Communication and Development with the Center for International Studies.

The Ohio University School of Telecommunications hosts one of the top-ranked audio and video production programs in the United States. This project engages Ohio University professors from three different schools within the Scripps College of Communication:  Telecommunications, Visual Communications and Journalism.

A US Department of State grant supports this 3-year project.

More details on this project are available in articles on the Scripps College of Communication web-site:
ITS secures grant for Ukraine media production development program
Ohio University team continues to help develop free press in Ukraine

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