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Module 1 (12-16 November, 2012)
New media: current state and future developments. Differences between traditional media and new media. Audiences of new media. New demands for content and new instruments for collecting and processing information. Principles of convergent journalism and professional standards. News in a multimedia world. Writing for traditional media and new media. One story for multiple media. Formats of digital news. Main requirements for story texts.

Module 2 (10-14 December, 2012)
Multimedia content in Web 2.0 and online media. Creation, maintenance and promotion of own blog. Journalistic investigation using computer technology. 

Module 3 (21-25 January, 2013)
Use of graphics in new media. Digital photography. Infographics. Adapting graphics for various media platforms. Photobanks. User-generated content (user photos). Image processing for use by various media. Ethics of images. Image and graphics copyright. Working with audio and video editing software and graphic design software.

Module 4 (18-22 February, 2013)
Audio on the internet: from podcast to radio station. Audio blogs. Audio editing software. Equipment for audio recording and editing. Audio banks and other resources. Working with audio and video editing software and graphic design software.

Module 5 (11-15 March, 2013)
Media economics, business models of new media. Managing a convergent newsroom. Advertising and promotion in new media. Copyright and adjacent rights in the media.

Module 6 (6-14 April, 2013)
Study tour: visits to leading media newsrooms abroad, learning about new experience in digital, multimedia and convergent journalism.

Module 7 (20-24 May, 2013)
Video news: shooting, editing, uploading, archiving, distribution. Video for the internet. Streaming video content. Video blogs (vlogs). Video distribution via mobile communication networks.

Module 8 (June 2013)
Final individual project: preparation, presentation, discussion. Certificates awarded.

* - Dates of modules are subject to change.

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