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Program participants are selected by the Admission committee through an open competition.

From September 12 to October 26, 2010 applicants must submit the following documents to the Admission committee:

  • A filled-in Application form stating the applicant’s level of education, their experience and the nature of their media activity, level of computer mastery and mastery of the English language.
  • The applicant must submit a letter of support from their employer stating that the employer does not mind the absence of the applicant at their workplace during their time of study at the Program (8 weeks during 8 months for the whole period of study).
  • Examples of digital media work (photos, audio or video materials, blogs or websites), which would demonstrate the applicant’s interest in digital technology.

On November 1-5, 2010 interviews with applicants who pass the preliminary screening will be held.
The training at the Program begins on 8 November, 2010.


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