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The program is aimed at young journalists under 35 who already have a degree (Specialist or Master, not necessarily in journalism) and 1-3 years of experience working in the media. Applicants can include representatives from any mass media, regardless of their geographical location, influence or form of ownership.

Our Program is for those who, upon its completion, desire to be:

  • A young, but experienced journalist;
  • A journalist with working skills in any media – a “universal” journalist who adapts quickly to any platforms of gathering, processing and distributing information;
  • A technologically savvy employee of a digital newsroom who can work at any stage of the production chain;
  • An expert required by the demands of the global media market;
  • A person ready to share their knowledge with colleagues and bring new skills and knowledge to their organizations;
  • A professional who constantly improves their educational level, follows the changes in technology and approaches, adapts quickly and grows professionally;
  • A leader who has the desire to grow career-wise from a reporter to editor to future newsroom head. 

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