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This is a post-degree program offered by an academic institution – The National University “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” – but not aimed at the participants obtaining an additional degree or extra credits (non-degree/non-credit).

The study occurs in the course of 10 months (November 2009 – June 2010) in the form of week-long modules, each of which covers various aspects/issues of digital content creation and distribution among audiences.

The work during each module combines lecture courses and practical sessions in a multimedia newsroom or in a television/radio studio.

The course of study at the Program ends with each participant creating an individual journalistic project, effectively using all the knowledge and skills obtained. The projects are presented before a special Committee in the presence of all Program participants, professors and members of the Advisory board for the Program.

Program participants who have satisfied all the requirements of the current modules and have successfully presented a final individual journalistic project take part in a visiting module, during which they learn about foreign experience of using internet and digital technology in journalism, innovations in online media and convergence. After the successful completion of the Program the participants receive a Certificate from the Mohyla School of Journalism.

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