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The “Digital Future of Journalism” Program was conceived, initiated, and sponsored by the Rinat Akhmetov “Development of Ukraine” Foundation.

The Program is implemented in the partnership with the Mohyla School of Journalism of the National University “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”.

The aim of the Program is to train young journalists – future newsroom leaders – through engaging them in the digital culture of the new media.

The curriculum does not entail training to work only in print media, television, radio or Internet. The Program brings together all of these media platforms and analyzes their work through the uses of digital technology in these media. Essentially, it is a synthesis of skills and new knowledge in three main areas:

  • Creating quality content;
  • Taking into account the needs and interests of multiple and varying audiences;
  • Using the latest technology in journalism work.

The basis of the journalistic training curriculum of the Program is its difference from all other existing offers in Ukraine, namely:

  • It is unprecedented;
  • It is innovative;
  • It involves the highest level of professionalism;
  • It is comprehensive;
  • It is an organic blend of knowledge and skills;
  • It uses the best expertise from around the world.

The training Program is unprecedented in the post-Soviet sector because it focuses on the use of digital technology in gathering, processing and distributing information.

The Program is comprehensive, because the participants have the opportunity not only to improve their knowledge and skills in their traditional media, but also to work in a multi-platform environment, which brings together traditional and new media and corresponds to the current market demands and needs of the audiences.

The experience and resources of the Mohyla School of Journalism together with the expertise of the guest international professors contribute to raising the level of knowledge and skills of the Program participants to the highest standards of global journalism. This will facilitate the growth of professionalism in the Ukrainian media industry and its competitiveness.

We have visited the following media in the USA and Great Britain: National Geographic, US News and World Report, McClatchy Newspapers, Washington Post, Blue State Digital, Neuseum, Voice of America, Newsweek, The New Yorker, Google та Doubleclick, UN, New York Times, London School of Economics, The Daily Telegraph, BBC News Online, Ofcom (Office of Communications), COI (Central Office of Information), TV Channel Sky News, Press Association, BBC, Ham&High, Thomson Reuters etc.


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