Media Reform Project, 2002-2006

Cooperation between the Mohyla School of Journalism and the UK Department for International Development (DFID) has been very productive.

The “Media Reform” Project began in 2002 and lasted for four years. It was a complex project that included the development of the web-site, and also organizational, publishing, lobbying and educational activities. Vivid examples of Center of Media Reform projects are contests for journalists.

“Media Clubs” organized by the Center have always attracted significant attention. These round tables have gathered integrated groups of media specialists from different professions. Media managers, journalists, experts, politicians, judges, lawyers, officials, university faculty, and students have exchanged opinions on and debated the most important issues and problems of the Ukrainian media and press industry.

Without exaggeration, we can state that this project has influenced the flow of media reform in Ukraine, including the dissemination of the term “media reform” itself. Success was ensured by a flexible management system, proper prioritizing, the constructive position of our British partners, and a common striving for results.

The main goal during the first three years of Center of Media Reform activity was the creation of favorable conditions for the emergence and development of independent mass media in Ukraine. In 2005-2006 the project concentrated on the development of civil society, namely on establishing and broadening contacts between authorities and NGOs, through the intercession of the mass media.

An important aspect of collaboration with DFID included professional and technical support of the School. Together we founded television, radio and photo studios, bought office equipment, and set up links with Leeds University. In 2002-2006 British journalists and experts taught students of the School.

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